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The Hawai`i to Zero (H20) Cure Initiative proposes to transform Hawai’i into the first HIV-free state in the United States. The timing of the Hawai’i to Zero Cure Initiative comes on the heels of scientific evidence that a patient from Berlin was cured of HIV in 2007. This bold initiative seeks to conduct HIV cure and prevention research directed towards ‘Hawai’i to Zero.’ We believe Hawai`i has the scientific and community infrastructure to achieve this goal.


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  • HIV poses a global threat to men, women, and children. Approximately 33.2 million people are living with HIV
  • Approximately 2,900 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Hawai`i, many of whom are unaware of their HIV status 
  • Hawai`i continues to have new cases of HIV 
  • Daily medications suppress the virus, but being HIV infected still increases risk of heart attacks, dementia, liver problems, and other complications of aging.
  • One person in the world has been cured of HIV.