‘Hawaiʻi to Zero’ Cure Initiative

The Hawaiʻi to Zero (H20) Cure Initiative proposes to transform Hawaiʻi into the first HIV-free state in the United States. The timing of the Hawaiʻi to Zero Cure Initiative comes on the heels of scientific evidence that a patient from Berlin was cured of HIV in 2007. This bold initiative seeks to conduct HIV cure and prevention research directed towards ‘Hawaiʻi to Zero.’ We believe Hawaiʻi has the scientific and community infrastructure to achieve this goal.



  • HIV poses a global threat to men, women and children. Approximately 33.2 million people are living with HIV.
  • Approximately 2,900 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi, many of whom are unaware of their HIV status.cropped-500.jpg
  • Hawaiʻi continues to have new cases of HIV.
  • Daily medications suppress the virus, but being HIV infected still increases risk of heart attacks, dementia, liver problems and other complications of aging.
  • One person in the world has been cured of HIV.